How to Install and Uninstall binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-dbg Package on Debian 12 (Bookworm)

Last updated: June 20,2024

1. Install "binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-dbg" package

Please follow the step by step instructions below to install binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-dbg on Debian 12 (Bookworm)

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-dbg

2. Uninstall "binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-dbg" package

Please follow the guidance below to uninstall binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-dbg on Debian 12 (Bookworm):

$ sudo apt remove binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-dbg $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-dbg package on Debian 12 (Bookworm)

Package: binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-dbg
Source: binutils
Version: 2.40-2
Installed-Size: 5299
Maintainer: Matthias Klose
Architecture: amd64
Depends: binutils-ia64-linux-gnu (= 2.40-2)
Description: GNU binary utilities, for ia64-linux-gnu target (debug symbols)
Description-md5: f6a1aa0fc4f0714615f5c5d4aa199623
Multi-Arch: foreign
Tag: role::debug-symbols
Section: debug
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/b/binutils/binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-dbg_2.40-2_amd64.deb
Size: 4821984
MD5sum: 6716c7deb5d6e334e91294bf7e2a124b
SHA256: e115a1cf66161be103c73463035334b835a41b9fb4bf3321b037eced4a6cfe5c