How to Install and Uninstall fabric Package on Kali Linux

Last updated: April 13,2024

1. Install "fabric" package

This guide let you learn how to install fabric on Kali Linux

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install fabric

2. Uninstall "fabric" package

This is a short guide on how to uninstall fabric on Kali Linux:

$ sudo apt remove fabric $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the fabric package on Kali Linux

Package: fabric
Version: 2.6.0-1
Installed-Size: 406
Maintainer: Debian Python Team
Architecture: all
Depends: python3-fabric (>= 2.6.0-1), python3-pkg-resources, python3:any, libjs-sphinxdoc (>= 4.3)
Size: 67276
SHA256: 36e24304d7031817ece2c009b5d1436c88b769c97cc949650b8b88e38aeb81ef
SHA1: 6a51ffb816e38b4951d9686a2ae7cfd6ec0df55f
MD5sum: dc7787ff7e8a46f910462bc04c92b589
Description: Simple Pythonic remote deployment tool
Fabric is designed to upload files and run shell commands on a number of
servers in parallel or serially. These commands are grouped in tasks (which
are regular Python functions) and specified in a 'fabfile.'
It is similar to Capistrano, except it's implemented in Python and doesn't
expect you to be deploying Rails applications.
This package contains the binary executable and the documentation.
Built-Using: alabaster (= 0.7.12-1), sphinx (= 4.3.2-1)
Section: net
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/f/fabric/fabric_2.6.0-1_all.deb