How to Install and Uninstall libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl Package on Kali Linux

Last updated: April 13,2024

1. Install "libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl" package

This guide let you learn how to install libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl on Kali Linux

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl

2. Uninstall "libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl" package

Please follow the instructions below to uninstall libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl on Kali Linux:

$ sudo apt remove libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl package on Kali Linux

Package: libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl
Version: 0.24-1
Installed-Size: 39
Maintainer: Debian Perl Group
Architecture: all
Depends: libchemistry-mol-perl, perl:any
Recommends: libchemistry-isotope-perl
Size: 13284
SHA256: af8718be84498f935c9a6c819417f02e9065223fbe550e7ad0a5aab0c653a767
SHA1: ea09cbfe788a3efc11aaf168ee4fbea8bd0e9d2f
MD5sum: 2b4715fa7beeef77b97239e7293d15f9
Description: MDL molfile/SDF (V2000) reader/writer
Chemistry::File::MDLMol automatically registers the 'sdf' format with
The parser returns a list of Chemistry::Mol objects. SDF data can be accessed
by the $mol->attr method. Attribute names are stored as a hash ref at the
"sdf/data" attribute, as shown in the synopsis. When a data item has a single
line in the SDF file, the attribute is stored as a string; when there's more
than one line, they are stored as an array reference. The rest of the
information on the line that holds the field name is ignored.
Section: perl
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/libc/libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl/libchemistry-file-mdlmol-perl_0.24-1_all.deb