How to Install and Uninstall 389-ds Package on Linux Mint 21 (Vanessa)

Last updated: June 16,2024

1. Install "389-ds" package

Learn how to install 389-ds on Linux Mint 21 (Vanessa)

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install 389-ds

2. Uninstall "389-ds" package

In this section, we are going to explain the necessary steps to uninstall 389-ds on Linux Mint 21 (Vanessa):

$ sudo apt remove 389-ds $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the 389-ds package on Linux Mint 21 (Vanessa)

Package: 389-ds
Architecture: all
Version: 2.0.15-1
Priority: optional
Section: universe/net
Source: 389-ds-base
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers
Original-Maintainer: Debian FreeIPA Team
Installed-Size: 48
Depends: 389-ds-base, cockpit-389-ds
Filename: pool/universe/3/389-ds-base/389-ds_2.0.15-1_all.deb
Size: 10822
MD5sum: 5498cc765f6f39802bd1b48fd355554b
SHA1: 204456c147daeba5f72b6041f62cdce62b711a5f
SHA256: c89d13cb2c45849dd4ce035e248ee5affd38342e8b9619a88d820920b0989cd4
SHA512: 9cf0a4d56f168e169c0a6131598869cc1e8f80f0c6ec00f4d7100aae0513084a1a2172bc47d2334fc6b3fcedc5cca1824fa93aae8f95ef2c2d909a6c38085dc7
Description: 389 Directory Server suite - metapackage
Description-md5: 72b0f037b5c7bab3e3a681a127817467