How to Install and Uninstall python3-miniupnpc Package on openSUSE Leap

Last updated: July 18,2024

1. Install "python3-miniupnpc" package

Learn how to install python3-miniupnpc on openSUSE Leap

$ sudo zypper refresh $ sudo zypper install python3-miniupnpc

2. Uninstall "python3-miniupnpc" package

In this section, we are going to explain the necessary steps to uninstall python3-miniupnpc on openSUSE Leap:

$ sudo zypper remove python3-miniupnpc

3. Information about the python3-miniupnpc package on openSUSE Leap

Information for package python3-miniupnpc:
Repository : Main Repository
Name : python3-miniupnpc
Version : 2.2.4-bp155.1.6
Arch : x86_64
Vendor : openSUSE
Installed Size : 93.5 KiB
Installed : No
Status : not installed
Source package : miniupnpc-2.2.4-bp155.1.6.src
Upstream URL :
Summary : Universal Plug'n'Play (UPnP) Client Module for Python
Description :
The MiniUPnP project offers software which supports the UPnP Internet Gateway
Device (IGD) specifications.