How to Install and Uninstall 2ping Package on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat)

Last updated: May 30,2024

1. Install "2ping" package

In this section, we are going to explain the necessary steps to install 2ping on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat)

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install 2ping

2. Uninstall "2ping" package

Here is a brief guide to show you how to uninstall 2ping on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat):

$ sudo apt remove 2ping $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the 2ping package on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat)

Package: 2ping
Architecture: all
Version: 4.5-1.2
Priority: optional
Section: universe/net
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers
Original-Maintainer: Ryan Finnie
Installed-Size: 150
Depends: python3:any, python3-pkg-resources, lsb-base (>= 3.0-6)
Recommends: python3-distro, python3-dnspython, python3-netifaces
Suggests: python3-pycryptodome, python3-systemd
Filename: pool/universe/2/2ping/2ping_4.5-1.2_all.deb
Size: 29310
MD5sum: 2394eee9f4e31c56f146bb3cf0151d40
SHA1: edca469efb4d7dbea5f3ea7bd4b416ed40d87e84
SHA256: e02a687dc488164b63fc3ddb32d7b0f8ab5c9ed4388d616cde31b1dcc383b25a
SHA512: 8738a36dcace6b3678cb8ff6692a9929baaca144aa89145f1da773425e965eeb24a906d1fafd845bfe2fdd130b141b76734066c1b36712cff4cb8fe2af3fe00b
Description: Ping utility to determine directional packet loss
Description-md5: 2543c220a763445976d1348c5b593743