How to Install and Uninstall wireless-tools Package on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)

Last updated: March 04,2024

1. Install "wireless-tools" package

Learn how to install wireless-tools on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install wireless-tools

2. Uninstall "wireless-tools" package

Please follow the step by step instructions below to uninstall wireless-tools on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa):

$ sudo apt remove wireless-tools $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the wireless-tools package on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)

Package: wireless-tools
Architecture: amd64
Version: 30~pre9-13ubuntu1
Multi-Arch: foreign
Priority: optional
Section: net
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Core Developers
Original-Maintainer: Guus Sliepen
Installed-Size: 299
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.15), libiw30 (>= 30~pre1)
Filename: pool/main/w/wireless-tools/wireless-tools_30~pre9-13ubuntu1_amd64.deb
Size: 108236
MD5sum: ebfe91d9bc4f3eaec990739cbdbe72a1
SHA1: 15cb61b39f335d6d4868239e5d106f809a715995
SHA256: d3833d586c5340238d8d52725198d8ba65473a4d992bf912f36235c4c56053b3
Description: Tools for manipulating Linux Wireless Extensions
Description-md5: 34c7dc532552aa22b7a3e5860d0000e7
Task: ubuntu-desktop-minimal, ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, xubuntu-core, xubuntu-desktop, lubuntu-desktop, ubuntustudio-desktop-core, ubuntustudio-desktop, ubuntukylin-desktop, ubuntu-mate-core, ubuntu-mate-desktop, ubuntu-budgie-desktop