How to Install and Uninstall fig2ps Package on Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla)

Last updated: June 16,2024

1. Install "fig2ps" package

Learn how to install fig2ps on Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla)

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install fig2ps

2. Uninstall "fig2ps" package

Please follow the step by step instructions below to uninstall fig2ps on Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla):

$ sudo apt remove fig2ps $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the fig2ps package on Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla)

Package: fig2ps
Architecture: all
Version: 1.5-7
Priority: optional
Section: universe/tex
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers
Original-Maintainer: Luis Paulo Linares
Installed-Size: 53
Depends: ghostscript, perl, texlive-extra-utils, texlive-font-utils, texlive-fonts-recommended, texlive-latex-base, texlive-latex-extra, texlive-latex-recommended, transfig, perl:any
Recommends: gv
Suggests: cm-super | lmodern, xfig
Replaces: texmacs (<= 1.0.3-6)
Enhances: transfig
Filename: pool/universe/f/fig2ps/fig2ps_1.5-7_all.deb
Size: 15744
MD5sum: 31be44bd96429623fc9211f7411059d1
SHA1: 5b0f8fc2a0b5b519dfce6544a96d8f458d2cb396
SHA256: 965211c080c0b97f87bec0efef12c9321a5604a9a5ba9f7b85a217a2c2b2c33d
SHA512: 7665a7779c57d4a3b293e6751b77f8143726cf6b9b713faa9ad2a841b156217d7c782092e9b32595b7683f8fe63bdad7ecf28878f3b3dd39010f4cafc14b7434
Description-en: Converts xfig files into ps, eps or pdf files using LaTeX for processing text
This perl script takes into advantage the pstex and pstex_t export
formats of fig2dev (xfig) to separate special text and the rest of a xfig
file. Then, the text is processed separately using LaTeX, and
everything is put back together at the end, to make a nice wonderful
figure with the text formatted exactly the same way as the article you
are typing ! PDF output is also available.
Though gv is strictly speaking not necessary for conversion, it can
be called directly by fig2ps depending on the options you choose.
For nice PDF output, you should install Type 1 fonts, such as lmodern
or cm-super.
Description-md5: 9303ae2027d7bfc01717b7f483bc5e5e