clang-12 on Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo)

Last updated: December 03,2022

1. Install clang-12 package

In this section, we are going to explain the necessary steps to install clang-12 package:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install clang-12

2. Uninstall / Remove clang-12 package

In this section, we are going to explain the necessary steps to uninstall clang-12 package:

sudo apt remove clang-12
sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Details of clang-12 package

Package: clang-12
Architecture: amd64
Version: 1:12.0.0-1ubuntu1
Priority: optional
Section: universe/devel
Source: llvm-toolchain-12
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers
Original-Maintainer: LLVM Packaging Team
Installed-Size: 338
Provides: c++-compiler, c-compiler, objc-compiler
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.14), libclang-cpp12 (>= 1:12.0.0), libgcc-s1 (>= 3.0), libllvm12 (>= 1:9~svn298832-1~), libstdc++6 (>= 5.2), libstdc++-10-dev, libgcc-10-dev, libobjc-10-dev, libclang-common-12-dev (= 1:12.0.0-1ubuntu1), llvm-12-linker-tools (= 1:12.0.0-1ubuntu1), libclang1-12 (= 1:12.0.0-1ubuntu1), libc6-dev, binutils
Recommends: llvm-12-dev, python3, libomp-12-dev
Suggests: clang-12-doc
Breaks: llvm-12-dev (<< 1:12.0.0~++rc5-1ubuntu1)
Replaces: llvm-12-dev (<< 1:12.0.0~++rc5-1ubuntu1)
Filename: pool/universe/l/llvm-toolchain-12/clang-12_12.0.0-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb
Size: 68536
MD5sum: 309cc4ff2a5e15a70d05086879637f3c
SHA1: bce7d68dbe59752985868a93236533afaee8e1b7
SHA256: 63e98edc0aa894be76a2ddb26a2615798f0912d43bac7cebe879e77032eefd56
SHA512: c1a076eb10731e14d9b5ec104645c1913a0a684eb537aeb4043cbfb0d59f68b8a8c7bcb0b7a16affc66414b4ba6e2f6ebec65f8d58d94e535bec207e4df32c71
Description-en: C, C++ and Objective-C compiler
Clang project is a C, C++, Objective C and Objective C++ front-end
based on the LLVM compiler. Its goal is to offer a replacement to the
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).
Clang implements all of the ISO C++ 1998, 11, 14 and 17 standards and also
provides most of the support of C++20.
Description-md5: c364160e44345420df0f2e97b3082b69