How to Install and Uninstall gnustep-common Package on Kali Linux

Last updated: April 13,2024

1. Install "gnustep-common" package

Please follow the guidance below to install gnustep-common on Kali Linux

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install gnustep-common

2. Uninstall "gnustep-common" package

This guide let you learn how to uninstall gnustep-common on Kali Linux:

$ sudo apt remove gnustep-common $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the gnustep-common package on Kali Linux

Package: gnustep-common
Source: gnustep-make
Version: 2.9.1-3
Installed-Size: 261
Maintainer: Debian GNUstep maintainers
Architecture: amd64
Provides: gnustep-fslayout-fhs
Size: 110888
SHA256: a501fb1a4e9b50a5dc7ce3d18255b99506092448207844755bcf3f52db4795a5
SHA1: 924ebd7e390b9fa8643fd2c76c217372a9a4da53
MD5sum: 8e69531d0965dcf398fc14f2ac9872d5
Description: Common files for the core GNUstep environment
This package contains the main GNUstep configuration file, common
files, scripts and directory layout needed to run any GNUstep
Tag: role::app-data, suite::gnustep
Section: gnustep
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/g/gnustep-make/gnustep-common_2.9.1-3_amd64.deb