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openSUSE Leap is a PC operating system based on GNU and Linux. It's a free/open source and gratis alternative to e.g. Microsoft Windows with many advantages. openSUSE Leap is suitable for laptops, desktops, netbooks, servers and multimedia center PCs at home or in small offices.

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The ``typing`` module was added to the standard library in Python 3.5 on a provisional basis and will no longer be provisional in Python 3.7. However,...

Size: 44,7 KiB Version:

This package includes the documentation for texlive-petri-nets

Size: 266,1 KiB Version: 2017.133.svn39165-5.18

This package contains the YaST2 component for NTP client configuration.

Size: 164,7 KiB Version: 4.3.3-3.3.1

Tool to convert files in EMF format to SVG

Size: 19,0 KiB Version: 1.1.0-bp153.1.17

This package contains the shared libraries needed for LLVM.

Size: 73,9 MiB Version: 5.0.1-8.5.1

The package defines \pstODEsolve for solving initial value problems for sets of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) using the Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg (...

Size: 14,3 KiB Version: 2017.

The package draws bond graphs using PGF and TikZ. date: 2016-06-24 17:18:15 +0000

Size: 4,9 KiB Version: 2017.133.1.0svn21670-5.18

This module provides bindings for the cURL library.

Size: 251,0 KiB Version:

EXODUS II is a model developed to store and retrieve data for finite element analyses. It is used for preprocessing (problem definition), postprocessi...

Size: 116,9 KiB Version: 6.09-bp153.1.18

GtkSourceView is a text widget that extends GtkTextView, the standard GTK+ text widget. It improves GtkTextView by implementing syntax highlighting an...

Size: 67,4 KiB Version: 4.4.0-2.45

The xkbcomp keymap compiler converts a description of an XKB keymap into one of several output formats.

Size: 234 B Version: 1.4.1-1.9

Documentation generated at gem installation time. Usually in RDoc and RI formats.

Size: 3,5 KiB Version: 1.1.0-bp153.17.1

A Qt/KF5 backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal

Size: 790,1 KiB Version: 5.18.5-bp153.1.27

The standard kernel - without any SUSE patches Source Timestamp: 2021-11-23 14:16:55 +0000 GIT Revision: 601c377d589d22136d3ce0d206d06a3dc8a118e3 GIT...

Size: 212,0 MiB Version: 4.12.14-197.102.2

The archiver base class, used by specific archive formats, is made available as a library in its own right so that support for other archive formats c...

Size: 116,9 KiB Version: 20.04.2-bp153.3.3.2

Provides package dependencies for building with the GNU compiler toolchain.

Size: 89 B Version: 1.4-3.9.1

Server side daemon and driver required to manage the virtualization capabilities of XEN

Size: 0 B Version: 7.1.0-6.8.1

Noto's design goal is to achieve visual harmonization (e.g., compatible heights and stroke thicknesses) across languages. This package contains Bengal...

Size: 1,7 MiB Version: 20170919-9.9

This package provides the Haskell th-lift library development files.

Size: 896,8 KiB Version: 0.8.1-bp153.1.20

This package contains the icecream environment for the GNU C Compiler

Size: 21,1 MiB Version: 10.3.0+git1587-1.6.3

GPaste is a clipboard management daemon with DBus interface. This package provides the development files for the library managing clipboard history.

Size: 1,6 MiB Version: 3.34.1-bp153.1.32

Quagga is a routing software suite, providing implementations of OSPFv2, OSPFv3, RIP v1 and v2, RIPv3 and BGPv4. Quagga is a fork of GNU Zebra.

Size: 5,4 MiB Version: 1.1.1-2.29

This package provides additional device tree base files as well as overlays for the Raspberry Pi boot process.

Size: 1,0 MiB Version: 2021.03.15-2.1

A drop-in replacement for pprint that is arguably prettier.

Size: 78,0 KiB Version: 0.4.0-bp153.1.15

Pugixml is a light-weight C++ XML processing library. It features: - DOM-like interface with rich traversal/modification capabilities - Extremely fast...

Size: 246,6 KiB Version: 1.9-bp153.1.24

'Net::CIDR::Set' represents sets of IP addresses and allows standard set operations (union, intersection, membership test etc) to be performed on them...

Size: 38,3 KiB Version: 0.13-bp153.1.14

This package provides the ability to adapt to locale conventions such as date and time formats.

Size: 93,9 KiB Version:

This package includes the documentation for texlive-fandol

Size: 35,5 KiB Version: 2017.

The libswscale library performs image scaling and colorspace and pixel format conversion operations.

Size: 634,0 KiB Version: 4.4-bp153.1.1

A plugin to support MySQL server in Qt applications.

Size: 78,3 KiB Version: 5.12.7-4.12.2

This package includes the documentation for texlive-quoting

Size: 300,6 KiB Version: 2017.

Marshaling/Unmarshaling (MU) as described in the TCG TSS 2.0 Marshaling/Unmarshaling API Specification. This API provides a set of marshaling and unma...

Size: 290,2 KiB Version: 2.4.5-1.11

This package contains the extra plug-ins for the ALSA library.

Size: 104,9 KiB Version: 1.1.5-3.3.1

Anything that does not look like a XS++ directive or a class declaration is passed verbatim to XS. If you want XS++ to ignore code that looks like a X...

Size: 620,7 KiB Version: 0.18-bp153.1.16

The Cpuset System is a processor and memory placement mechanism that enables a system administrator to confine tasks to running certain CPUs, and to a...

Size: 56,4 KiB Version: 1.0-1.24

This package provides a common library for functions shared between sfcb and sfcc.

Size: 30,2 KiB Version: 1.0.1-1.18

A vendor neutral and platform independent SDR support library.

Size: 96,1 KiB Version: 0.7.2-bp153.1.24

A utility allowing CMPI provider packages to register with various CIMOM(s) present on the system.

Size: 15,5 KiB Version: 1.1.0-2.15

Libgovf is a library for reading and writing virtual machine images in the Open Virtualization Format. This package provides the GObject Introspection...

Size: 2,8 KiB Version: 3.36.3-bp153.1.37

Sonnet is a plugin-based spell checking library for Qt-based applications. It supports several different plugins, including HSpell, Enchant, ASpell an...

Size: 17,6 KiB Version: 5.76.0-1.7

HDF5 is a data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data. It supports an unlimited variety of datatypes. This package contains the...

Size: 3,4 MiB Version: 1.10.7-bp153.3.66

A set of locking and synchronizing primitives analogous to those in Python's `threading module`_ or Gevent's `coros`_, for use with Tornado's `gen.eng...

Size: 104,1 KiB Version: 1.0.1-bp153.1.15

These packages are either mandated by the core LaTeX team, or very widely used and strongly recommended in practice.

Size: 0 B Version: 2017.135.svn41614-9.12.1

For several reasons a \caption may be desirable at the top of a table environment. This package changes the table environment such that \abovecaptions...

Size: 3,3 KiB Version: 2017.133.1.4svn17275-5.18

The Intel(R) Graphics Memory Management Library provides device specific and buffer management for the Intel(R) Graphics Compute Runtime for OpenCL(TM...

Size: 496,5 KiB Version: 20.3.2-1.39

This package includes the documentation for texlive-nevelok

Size: 206,4 KiB Version: 2017.133.1.03svn39029-5.18

The package is described by its author as "a poor person's replacement for the more powerful methods provided by BibLaTeX to access data from a .bib f...

Size: 3,0 KiB Version: 2017.136.1.0asvn25969-10.15

Documentation generated at gem installation time. Usually in RDoc and RI formats.

Size: 359,4 KiB Version: 1.12.2-bp153.1.14

A library providing an efficient extensible abstraction for dealing with different spell checking libraries. This package provides the ispell and mysp...

Size: 73,5 KiB Version: 1.6.1-1.57

Inspektor is a program used to verify the code of a Python project. It checks code with the help of pylint, checks indentation with pycodestyle, and c...

Size: 224,2 KiB Version: 0.5.2-bp153.1.18