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Tools related to UsrMerge to check the state of the system and to convert an existing system to UsrMerge.

Size: 791,3 KiB Version: 84.87-5.1

The package allows LaTeX maths users of the PX fonts to select the shapes (italic or upright) for the Greek lowercase and uppercase letters. Once the...

Size: 5,8 KiB Version: 2021.186.1.0svn21838-46.3

A library for date and time data types. Part of the libyal family of libraries.

Size: 124,4 KiB Version: 20210414-1.2

OneDrive shell completions for zsh.

Size: 2,9 KiB Version: 2.4.14-1.1

Django-treebeard is a library that implements three efficient tree implementations for the Django Web Framework: - Adjacency List - Materialized Path...

Size: 488,6 KiB Version: 4.3.1-1.7

The package provides the language definition file for support of Estonian in babel. Some shortcuts are defined, as well as translations to Estonian of...

Size: 7,0 KiB Version: 2021.186.1.1asvn38064-46.2

Hypre is a library of preconditioners that feature parallel multigrid methods for both structured and unstructured grid problems arising in the simula...

Size: 3,6 MiB Version: 2.20.0-1.9

Orphan instances for TH datatypes. In particular, instances for Ord and Lift, as well as a few missing Show / Eq. These instances used to live in hask...

Size: 572,9 KiB Version: 0.13.12-1.6 measures code coverage, typically during test execution. It uses the code analysis tools and tracing hooks provided in the Python standard...

Size: 1,4 MiB Version: 5.5-1.3

Atomic s, p and d orbitals may be drawn, as well as molecular orbital diagrams.

Size: 16,7 KiB Version: 2021.186.svn36439-45.2

This package contains all that is needed to develop/compile applications that use the Boost C++ libraries. For documentation see the documentation pac...

Size: 167 B Version: 1.77.0-3.2

This package provides the Haskell tls library development files.

Size: 32,5 MiB Version: 1.5.5-1.15

Colorize your text in the terminal.

Size: 14,8 KiB Version: 1.1.0-1.20

This package provides the Haskell hsyslog library development files.

Size: 2,2 MiB Version: 5.0.2-2.12

The Qt D-Bus module is a library that can be used to perform inter-process communication using the D-Bus protocol.

Size: 676,1 KiB Version: 5.15.2+kde254-1.4

Provides translations for the "kwave" package.

Size: 9,9 MiB Version: 21.12.0-1.1

Scheme process in a buffer. Adapted from cmuscheme.el

Size: 6,7 KiB Version: 1.9.2-2.10

This package sets the default web interface assets used for a Pagure server running as shipped by upstream.

Size: 17,6 KiB Version: 5.13.2-2.2

Petsc: Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation The package petsc-gnu-openmpi3-hpc-devel provides the dependency to get binary package p...

Size: 217 B Version: 3.14.5-1.5

Libprelude is a library that guarantees secure connections between all sensors and the Prelude Manager. Libprelude provides an Application Programming...

Size: 1,9 MiB Version: 5.2.0-2.1

A Django app providing database and form fields for pytz timezone objects.

Size: 45,3 KiB Version: 4.1.2-1.2

Recode converts files between various character sets. This package contains librecode shared library for embedding in other applications.

Size: 1,2 MiB Version: 3.7.9-1.2

Deepin Office

Size: 59 B Version: 15.3.20210916-1.1

PyQt is a set of Python bindings for the Qt framework. This package contains programming examples for PyQt6.

Size: 975,7 KiB Version: 6.2.2-1.1

Libprelude is a library that guarantees secure connections between all sensors and the Prelude Manager. Libprelude provides an Application Programming...

Size: 120,2 KiB Version: 5.2.0-2.1

The package adds several new font axes on top of LaTeX's New Font Selection Scheme. In particular, it splits the shape axis into a primary and a secon...

Size: 14,0 KiB Version: 2021.186.1.0esvn55920-45.2

This package contains development headers for Boost.Timer library. This package installs the default Boost version of the library.

Size: 34 B Version: 1.77.0-2.1

This OCaml library can read and write CSV files, including all extensions used by Excel - eg. quotes, newlines, 8 bit characters in fields, quote-0 et...

Size: 1,5 MiB Version: 2.4-1.16

GCK is a library for accessing PKCS#11 modules like smart cards, in a (G)object oriented way.

Size: 248,1 KiB Version: 3.41.0-1.3

PostgreSQL is an advanced object-relational database management system that supports an extended subset of the SQL standard, including transactions, f...

Size: 6,5 MiB Version: 14.1-2.1

Host setup helper to pull in all packages required/useful to leverage all functionality in KIWI.

Size: 0 B Version: 9.24.10-1.1

Open Surge is a retro-style 2D sidescroller inspired by old-school games. The characters named Surge, Neon and Charge are to save the world from the e...

Size: 38,3 MiB Version:

This module uses ctypes to access the libmagic file type identification library. It makes use of the local magic database and supports both textual an...

Size: 42,2 KiB Version: 0.4.18-3.1

File::Map maps files or anonymous memory into perl variables.

Size: 83,7 KiB Version: 0.67-1.9

Spew is used to measure I/O performance of character devices, block devices, and regular files. It can also be used to generate high I/O loads to stre...

Size: 141,5 KiB Version: 1.0.8-5.6

Humanhash provides human-readable representations of digests.

Size: 29,8 KiB Version: 0.0.6-2.12

This package includes the documentation for texlive-section

Size: 362,7 KiB Version: 2021.186.svn20180-46.2

Torsocks allows you to use most applications in a safe way with Tor. It ensures that DNS requests are handled safely and explicitly rejects any traffi...

Size: 153,0 KiB Version: 2.3.0-1.8

This package includes the documentation for texlive-hepnames

Size: 1,9 MiB Version: 2021.186.2.0svn35722-46.4

This package includes the documentation for texlive-harveyballs

Size: 147,5 KiB Version: 2021.186.1.1svn32003-46.4

Binary files of convbkmk

Size: 43 B Version: 2021.20210325.svn30408-77.3

This package contains the PCP Performance Metric Domain Agent (PMDA) for collecting metrics of disk S.M.A.R.T values making use of data from the smart...

Size: 107,4 KiB Version: 5.2.2-3.5

Tools to configure the graphics for your GRUB, LILO or SYSLINUX bootloader.

Size: 94,7 KiB Version: 4.5.79-1.3

This package includes the documentation for texlive-punknova

Size: 145,6 KiB Version: 2021.186.1.003svn24649-46.3

This is the Microsoft Azure Batch Client Library. This package has been tested with Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7.

Size: 3,5 MiB Version: 11.0.0-1.2

A command line tool handling the release process of software by updating all version strings in the source code by the correct increment. Also creates...

Size: 154,5 KiB Version: 1.0.1-1.3

Thermal Monitor displays current temperature readings on a graph. To communicate with thermald via dbus, the user has to be member of "power" group.

Size: 545,1 KiB Version: 2.4.6-1.3

The AWS X-Ray SDK for Python enables Python developers to record and emit information from within their applications to the AWS X-Ray service. This pa...

Size: 19,3 KiB Version: 2.8.0-1.4

This package includes the documentation for texlive-dingbat

Size: 130,3 KiB Version: 2021.186.1.0svn27918-45.2

This package contains utilities around the vp8 codec sdk. WebM is an open, royalty-free, media file format designed for the web. WebM defines the file...

Size: 827,5 KiB Version: 1.11.0-2.1