How to Install and Uninstall puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod Package on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)

Last updated: June 16,2024

1. Install "puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod" package

Please follow the guidelines below to install puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod

2. Uninstall "puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod" package

This guide let you learn how to uninstall puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa):

$ sudo apt remove puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod package on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)

Package: puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod
Architecture: all
Version: 2.1.1-1
Priority: extra
Section: universe/admin
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers
Original-Maintainer: PKG OpenStack
Installed-Size: 77
Depends: puppet-common, puppet-module-puppetlabs-stdlib
Filename: pool/universe/p/puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod/puppet-module-camptocamp-kmod_2.1.1-1_all.deb
Size: 9814
MD5sum: f9cb481c6e26542a6f6ef3882faeae74
SHA1: e304d724640fe13b03ce2a307e7e87633dada8b3
SHA256: f164e1d23b7a341894df9c6fdac1f17f24fbac4d4fe9c56aa4cd5e924276e9d5
Description: Puppet module for managing kmod configuration
Description-md5: dba6a0e334691a3cb64f274ed10e8bc7