How to Install and Uninstall 2048-qt Package on Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri)

Last updated: April 18,2024

1. Install "2048-qt" package

This guide let you learn how to install 2048-qt on Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri)

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install 2048-qt

2. Uninstall "2048-qt" package

This guide covers the steps necessary to uninstall 2048-qt on Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri):

$ sudo apt remove 2048-qt $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the 2048-qt package on Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri)

Package: 2048-qt
Architecture: amd64
Version: 0.1.6-2build1
Priority: optional
Section: universe/games
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers
Original-Maintainer: Alejandro Garrido Mota
Installed-Size: 3815
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.4), libgcc-s1 (>= 3.0), libqt5core5a (>= 5.12.2), libqt5qml5 (>= 5.1.0), libqt5widgets5 (>= 5.0.2), libstdc++6 (>= 5), qml-module-qtquick-controls, qml-module-qtquick-dialogs
Filename: pool/universe/2/2048-qt/2048-qt_0.1.6-2build1_amd64.deb
Size: 1391772
MD5sum: f79e4447911ed94821fce967e2f9ce8d
SHA1: d4c662a7cf64271ece7f8e277ec8e2db4f3f8de6
SHA256: 6b26cc3ac98853e7c494c03f39f0ffccfc71f74f3fb0ec73894a2cb83258b1f4
SHA512: 1fbaa8e53d71b8d43632224661be4c9b7b2cc5248da9953dcacae1322923b477ae2ebd44ae1a26d7000024cd567a3dce9d6a1808e9badb4f1c3c30cd132bb5f9
Description-en: mathematics based puzzle game
2048 puzzle is mathematics based puzzle game where you have to slide
tiles on a grid to combine them and create a tile with the number 2048.
You have to merge the similar number tiles (2n) by moving the arrow keys
in four different directions. When two tiles with the same number touch,
they will merge into one.
Description-md5: 0f25c2ca95ceff4500fde9f651d74f2e
Task: lubuntu-desktop