elfutils-debuginfod-client.x86_64 on CentOS 8 / RHEL 8

Last updated: August 14,2022

1. Install elfutils-debuginfod-client.x86_64 package

This tutorial shows how to install elfutils-debuginfod-client.x86_64 package:

sudo dnf makecache
sudo dnf install elfutils-debuginfod-client.x86_64

2. Uninstall / Remove elfutils-debuginfod-client.x86_64 package

Learn how to uninstall elfutils-debuginfod-client.x86_64 package:

sudo dnf remove elfutils-debuginfod-client.x86_64
sudo dnf autoremove

3. Details of elfutils-debuginfod-client.x86_64 package

Last metadata expiration check: 1 day, 3:29:20 ago on Sun May 9 13:03:46 2021.
Installed Packages
Name : elfutils-debuginfod-client
Version : 0.180
Release : 1.el8
Architecture : x86_64
Size : 43 k
Source : elfutils-0.180-1.el8.src.rpm
Repository : @System
From repo : anaconda
Summary : Library and command line client for build-id HTTP ELF/DWARF server
URL : http://elfutils.org/
License : GPLv3+ and (GPLv2+ or LGPLv3+)
Description : The elfutils-debuginfod-client package contains shared libraries
: dynamically loaded from -ldw, which use a debuginfod service
: to look up debuginfo and associated data. Also includes a
: command-line frontend.