perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets.noarch on Fedora 36

Last updated: January 29,2023

1. Install perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets.noarch package

This guide covers the steps necessary to install perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets.noarch package:

sudo dnf makecache
sudo dnf install perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets.noarch

2. Uninstall / Remove perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets.noarch package

Please follow the guidance below to uninstall perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets.noarch package:

sudo dnf remove perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets.noarch
sudo dnf autoremove

3. Details of perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets.noarch package

Last metadata expiration check: 3:40:16 ago on Thu Sep 8 02:05:26 2022.
Available Packages
Name : perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets
Version : 0.206
Release : 17.fc36
Architecture : noarch
Size : 32 k
Source : perl-Module-Install-DOAPChangeSets-0.206-17.fc36.src.rpm
Repository : fedora
Summary : Write your distribution change log in RDF
License : (GPL+ or Artistic) and Public Domain
Description : This package allows you to write your Changes file in Turtle or RDF/XML and
: autogenerate a human-readable text file.