How to Install and Uninstall lua-inotify-dev Package on Kali Linux

Last updated: June 22,2024

1. Install "lua-inotify-dev" package

Please follow the instructions below to install lua-inotify-dev on Kali Linux

$ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install lua-inotify-dev

2. Uninstall "lua-inotify-dev" package

This guide let you learn how to uninstall lua-inotify-dev on Kali Linux:

$ sudo apt remove lua-inotify-dev $ sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove

3. Information about the lua-inotify-dev package on Kali Linux

Package: lua-inotify-dev
Source: lua-inotify (0.5-1)
Version: 0.5-1+b1
Installed-Size: 66
Maintainer: Sophie Brun
Architecture: amd64
Provides: lua5.1-inotify-dev, lua5.2-inotify-dev, lua5.3-inotify-dev
Depends: lua-inotify (= 0.5-1+b1)
Size: 7040
SHA256: 7be16d1757d681c7de51678471c833996137ea6c173d792198b467cc84277135
SHA1: 32c4d2b4e5f80fe2467a0e9e1a362c1be688f8f6
MD5sum: 3c8159d16b898018052734d24af0e253
Description: inotify bindings for Lua (development files)
This package contains the development files of the lua-inotify library,
useful to create a statically linked binary (like a C application or a
standalone Lua interpreter).
Documentation is also shipped within this package.
Multi-Arch: same
Lua-Versions: 5.1 5.2 5.3
Tag: devel::library, role::devel-lib
Section: libdevel
Priority: optional
Filename: pool/main/l/lua-inotify/lua-inotify-dev_0.5-1+b1_amd64.deb